The story of AiropackThe spirit of innovation

Airopack is planet & people friendly

Powered by air

What could be more natural than a system powered by pure, clean air ? Airopack is far better for the planet and its people. No pressurised containers, no chemical propellants or harmful gases, like all the best ideas, it’s ingeniously simple and an absolute joy to use.

Smarter Technology

Airopack features a unique pressure control device (‘PCD’) and a reservoir of clean, natural air. It’s the combination of the PCD and the reservoir that results in an effortlessly smooth and controlled flow, right up until there is literally no spray, cream or gel left - eliminating waste.

Spray through 360 °

Unlike conventional aerosols, there’s no need to keep Airopack upright or vertical. Airopack sprays smoothly and silently through 360degrees, there’s no difference if you keep it vertical, horizontal, diagonal or upside-down.

Airopack - clearly better

Airopack’s ‘nothing to hide’ transparent and translucent container enables consumers to
see how much spray, cream or gel is left and utilise every last drop, thanks to 360 degree dispensing.

Our commitment to our planet

Each transparent Airopack is manufactured mainly from recyclable plastic (PET). And because there are no harmful gases or other pollutants, we’ve managed to reduce the carbon footprint of manufacture by 30%*. 
Airopack is the aerosol re-imagined, it’s product friendly, people friendly
and above all, planet friendly.

Airopack planet

*Compared to the manufacture of conventional aerosols.

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