Airopack becomes member of Comité Français des Aérosols (CFA)

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Airopack becomes member of Comité Français des Aérosols (CFA)

Airopack Technology Group AG (“Airopack”), manufacturer of the planet friendly aerosol, signed a membership agreement with the Comité Français des Aérosols (CFA), the industry body that represents and defends the interests of all players in the French aerosol industry. The membership is an important step for Airopack and will support the further market introduction of its planet friendly aerosol.

The CFA is the dedicated conversational partner of the different administrations (industry, transportation, health, environment). The organisation works with the general public by carrying out information campaigns on the proper use of aerosols and the protection of the environment. CFA has over 50 members: marketers of aerosol products, contract fillers, packaged conditioners, component suppliers, manufacturers and distributors of propellants, solvents, raw materials, research laboratories and recyclers. The CFA is an active member of the European Aerosol Federation (FEA), in which 18 European countries are represented.

Gilles Baudin, President of CFA and Vice-President of FEA, expressed to look forward to benefit from Airopack’s expertise for the best practice in the Aerosol Industry, in particular in the area of plastic aerosols which will become increasingly important.

Airopack produces a safe, all-plastic pressurized dispenser powered purely by air that is environmental and planet friendly. It was developed by Airopack Technology Group, which holds the relevant patents and is worldwide the sole producer of this unique dispenser. Airopack customers include multiple triple A leading personal care brands around the world.

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