All over body tan

At Airopack, we’ve created a transparent self-tanning spray that’s incredibly easy to apply thanks to our own unique formulation. It’s a perfect way of enhancing your current product range. Using our own Airopack clean air aerosol with its innovative pressure control device (PCD), you can spray and apply the tan through 360º.

Think new possibilities

Freedom of shape provides you the oppertunity to enhance shelf presence and impact to the consumer. Clearly freedom of shape of physical packaging in combination with strong graphic design makes a brand identity stronger and stand out on the shelf.

Luxe Pack Monaco was characterised by a great enthusiasm

Luxe Pack Monaco was characterized by a great enthusiasm for Airopack's unique platform from it's various formulations to it's mechanism and creative packaging. Airopack's new initiatives and product line extensions, like the prestige line, were well received.

Airopack and Method...a successful launch

Airopack is proud to announce the completed launch of Method’s new air-freshener at  Target, USA’s second largest retailer. Airopack is therefore exposed to the world on an even larger scale now, with noticeable impact since Method launched their new air-freshener category with Airopack.


Combining true added value in enhancing everyday ease for the end consumer is an important target. To keep up with changes, We invest in both sides of the trade by being able to offer a turnkey, ready to sell product and keep a competitive price.

Airopack wins Luxe Pack NY in Green Award

New York, NY, May 22, 2014 – Airopack was presented with the first LUXE PACK IN GREEN AWARD at LUXE PACK NEW YORK for its Pressurized Dispensing System. 

Sensational Atmosphere at interpack 2014

Sensational Atmosphere at interpack 2014 - Visitor number “cracks” the 175,000 mark.

Interpack 2014 was characterized by an outstanding atmosphere prevailing amongst the approx. 2,700 exhibitors and 175,000 visitors in the 19 halls of the completely booked Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre. Visitors from 120 nations in total travelled to Düsseldorf.


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