Airopack and Method...a successful launch

Airopack and Method...a successful launch

Airopack is proud to announce the completed launch of Method’s new air-freshener at  Target, USA’s second largest retailer. Airopack is therefore exposed to the world on an even larger scale now, with noticeable impact since Method launched their new air-freshener category with Airopack.

Airopack supported this successful product launch from its full service operation in which it produces both the dispenser and the formulation, provides filling & labelling and organizes packaging and logistics into the Method warehouse as a total concept. 100% Full Service with proven success! 

The general attention of both public and corporates is increasingly overwhelming, not only because of recent articles, such as today’s coverage within the Wall Street Journal  (see: link wall street  journal),  describing the advantages of Airopack®  as an innovative, transparent sustainable company with a clean concept of the explicit use of only air.

New launches and developments are coming. We will keep you informed.

With best regards, Global Airopack Team

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