Think natural looking tanClear Self-Tanning Spray

All over body tan

All over body tan

At Airopack, we’ve created a transparent self-tanning spray that’s incredibly easy to apply thanks to our own unique formulation. It’s a perfect way of enhancing your current product range. Using our own Airopack clean air aerosol with its innovative pressure control device (PCD), you can spray and apply the tan through 360º. Spray at any angle, upside down, standing
up or back to front. It’s the ideal dispenser for a truly luxurious, natural looking ‘all over body tan’ with no tell-tale ‘missed spots’ or white marks.

There are no harmful gases or chemical propellants, so it’s perfect for indoor application too. It’s an odorless, harmless and painless way to a healthy, glowing colour all year round. And there’s no stickiness, moisture or staining because it dries virtually the moment it’s applied.

Airopack’s self-tanning spray creates an even, natural looking all over body tan that’s barely discernible - it will last for days not hours.

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