Amando enters a relationship with Tim Coronel's

Amando enters a relationship with Tim Coronel's

What Real Men Do… For many men a rally, like the one the Maxxis Dakar Team will ride, ranks high on their bucket list. That was also the case once for Tim Coronel, who, in spite of his experience, still finds this race extremely exciting every time again; "This year too I am really looking forward to it. A race like this requires a lot of preparation. I always call it a mental, physical and emotional roller-coaster. It's just very exciting because, however seasoned you are, you encounter a surprise every time. Time pressure is high and it remains number 1 of the few challenges in the world where you take on an adventure with both technology and nature.

Eat My Dust! The first edition of the Dakar rally was held in 1978. Last year the rally started in Lima and ended in the Chilean capital Santiago. This year Tim and his team started in Argentina on 5 January, from where the race continues to Bolivia, to finish eventually in Chilli on 18 January. Under the motto "Eat My Dust" Coronel starts the race with his SuperB Buggy. Of course the vehicle has the AMANDO logo and the team is offered full care for all days of the race.

About the Maxxis Dakar Team The Dakar rally is a rally for cars, lorries, quads and motorbikes and is held annually in January, taking the drivers through the South American desert. The Dakar team is made up of Tim Coronel, Kees Koolen, Jurgen van den Goorbergh, Robert van Pelt, Sebastian Husseini. The Maxxis Dakar team leaves for Argentina on 1 January for the start on 5 January. The finish must be achieved on 18 January 2014. A blog will be placed daily on the AMANDO website relating the experiences of Tim Coronel during the DAKAR rally.

AMANDO, No-Nonsense skin care Tim Coronel explains why he has entered a relationship with AMANDO: "I like no-nonsense, no hotchpotch, frills or other unnecessary things, I have no need of all that. That is also "What men do", AMANDO is a brand with odours, shower and face products with a no-nonsense mentality, which does what it promises. That suits me well."

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