Award WINNER: Quint Kelders Best CEO in the Sustainable Packaging Industry

Award WINNER: Quint Kelders Best CEO in the Sustainable Packaging Industry

Having completed degrees in business and technology, as well as a bachelor’s degree in business administration, Quint Kelders has always shown signs of great ambition. His first foray in the packaging world began with a short stint as assistant to the managing directors of Ganahl, a Swiss specialist injection blow moulding firm, in 1997.

Remarkably, in the same year, he took a huge step forward into a leadership role, becoming a major stakeholder and CEO of Keltec Dispensing Systems, another packaging specialist. Kelders stayed in the role for a decade, growing the company and leading its successful buyout by Richmond-based packaging giant MeadWestvaco in 2007.

Upon the completion of the merger, Kelders took on a top management role at MeadWestvaco, which he held for three years. He then made a seminal move in 2010, joining his family business as the new CEO of Airopack Technology Group, an influential packaging player with a history of product innovation.

Under Kelders’ direction, Airopack has become a leading provider of pressure-controlled and mechanical packaging technologies, as well as dispensing systems for manufacturers of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food products. Kelders has cemented the company’s prominent position in the market with its groundbreaking Airopack technology – a pressurised, all-plastic dispenser that is both environmentally friendly and safe, producing no chemical or gas propellants.

Unlike common pressurised dispensers, which use toxic propellants, Airopack’s planet-friendly technology is powered entirely by air. This unique pressure control device also allows users to spray smoothly and silently at any angle. What’s more, it dispenses with a constant pressure from start to finish, while utilising every last drop of its contents, thus avoiding unnecessary waste. With Kelders at the helm, Airopack continues to push the boundaries of packaging, to the benefit of the end user and planet alike.


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