Global Deal on HFCs (HydroFlouroCarbons) - It’s time to get’s time for Airopack.

Global Deal on HFCs (HydroFlouroCarbons) - It’s time to get’s time for Airopack.

A huge step towards reducing global CO2 emissions has just been taken.  After an all night meeting, it seems the world has finally woken up to the environmental damage caused by Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). 

Over 150 countries agreed a deal on Saturday Oct 15th 2016 in Rwanda.  Affluent nations like the US and those of the EU will radically reduce their reliance on HFCs in 2019.  Developing countries will be obliged to stop any further use of HFCs in 2024. 

President Obama referred to the agreement as “An ambitious and far reaching decision” while the American Minister of Foreign Affairs, John Kerry called it, “A monumental step forward.”

Although not directly harmful to the ozone layer, HFC’s trap heat from the earth, creating the ‘greenhouse effect’ and significantly contributing to global warming.  And it’s this problem that Airopack was specifically created to help solve.

There are no HFC’s in an Airopack clean air aerosol.  No chemicals, no propellants, no impurities of any kind - just pure, clean air.  An ingeniously designed pressure control device (PCD) combined with a reservoir of natural air provides a smooth, effortless, uninterrupted flow.  And continuous working pressure from the first drop right until the last one.    

Airopack is not a pump spray.  There is no priming or stop / start delivery, just as much or as little of the spray, cream or gel as the user requires.  A broad range of applicators and nozzles have been purposely designed for every kind of aerosol application and content.  Whether it's a fine particulate spray or a rich, viscous cream. 

From home to health, hair and beauty to food and pharmaceutical, Airopack offers a packaging alternative for almost every product that would be dispensed by an HFC butane or propane powered aerosol.

It’s not just the Airopack itself that’s revolutionary.  We are currently finalizing the build and installation of our new manufacturing plant in Waalwijk, The Netherlands.  This state-of-the-art facility will be validated and operational during the week of November 28th 2016.  Featuring a fully automated production process of PET Resin Handling, Assembly of RTF Parts as well as automatic warehouse storage. It is here that we will manufacture the many different sizes / volumes of Airopacks, in strict accordance with the highest quality and performance standards.  There’s already an installed capacity of 160.000.000 Airopack’s per year to start with and we’re more than ready to meet the anticipated rise in demand.  

Check out our website and see what great companies didn’t wait for the new agreement on HFC’s to utilise our “air only”, “continuous pressure” and “rust free” Airopacks.  Our new planet friendly packaging has also won international acclaim at Cosmopolitan’s recent beauty awards, taking the prize for best body hydrator.

There’s no time to wait.  It’s time to eliminate HFC’s once and for all.  It’s time for Airopack.

For further information, please contact: Sandy Goes, Marcoms Manager, Airopack, NL

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