Gold DuPont Packaging Award - Airopack wins again!

Gold DuPont Packaging Award - Airopack wins again!

Airopack® aerosol dispenser by IPS Innovative Packaging Solutions - SWITZERLAND

Airopack is a new, innovative technology to dispense fluids, high viscosity liquids and creams by using a patented pressure control device that relies on air instead of conventional hydrocarbon chemical propellants.

This dispenser consists of a blow-molded plastic container fitted with a compressed air chamber and a pressure control device to protect against pressure drop, improve ease of use and ensure the maximum amount of product can be extracted from the container. Since it is made entirely of plastic it can be recycled after use. Airopack is very unique to the aerosol dispenser industry. Consumers can see the product. Replacing flammable propellant gas with air also eliminates adverse effects on the environment.

Honored for Excellence in Innovation and Sustainability

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