Make Dust or eat Dust: Tim Coronel and Airopack join forces!

Make Dust or eat Dust: Tim Coronel and Airopack join forces!

There are those who intend to stay ahead of the game. They aspire to be the pioneers, the innovators, the ones who try to make a difference in what they do. Tim Coronel, AMANDO and AIROPACK recognize this same quality in each another and have decided to join forces in supporting their shared mission – Staying ahead of the game!!!!

Tim Coronel and the Maxxis Dakar team are adventurers. Tim Coronel still finds this race highly exciting, time and time again; "A race of this calibre requires a lot of preparation. I always call it a mental, physical and emotional roller-coaster. Time pressure is high and it continues to rank as number 1 of the few challenges in the world where you take on an adventure with both technology and nature.” Tim Coronel and the Maxxis Dakar team work with the finest equipment and latest innovations in the field of technology. In that way AIROPACK and Tim Coronel are alike. They both have a passion for technology and even better; they aim to move forward and stay ahead of the game with new innovations.

AIROPACK is the safe, all-plastic pressurized dispenser that’s environmentally friendly: No inhalation risks, no chemical propellants, and no unnecessary waste. Unlike other spray cans that use chemical propellants, Airopack uses just normal air. Dispensing a constant pressure of air from start to finish, it works identically to standard aerosols, yet uses 42% less energy and emits 74% less CO2. Via the unique full-service concept it is possible to mold, assemble, sleeve or label and fill AIROPACK to customer’s specifications. AIROPACK already did this for several big brands. One of them being AMANDO who also entered a relationship with Tim Coronel and his team.

The first edition of the Dakar rally was held in 1978. Last year the rally started in Lima and ended in the Chilean capital Santiago. This year Tim and his team will start in Argentina on January 5th from where the race continues to Bolivia, to the finish line in Chile on January 18th. Inspired by the motto "Eat My Dust", Tim Coronel starts the race with his SuperB Buggy. Of course the AIROPACK logo is visible on the vehicle and the team is offered full care for all days of the race by Airopack’ s customer AMANDO.

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