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Spray how and where you want to
Airopack® works wonderfully with sprays and creams of virtually every style and formulation. From ultra fine mists to rich and creamy viscosities, there’s a wide range of nozzles to suit everything from air-sprays to hand creams.

Think ‘go with the flow’
Unlike a ‘pump spray’, there’s no need to press the nozzle several times before use. There’s no stop, start, stop - just an ultra smooth, uninterrupted flow.

There’s a broad range of nozzles and packs of varying volumes available. All of which are specifically designed to dispense a wide range of gels, creams and sprays. We don’t believe in one size fits all, there’s a specific applicator for dispensing everything from fine sprays to rich viscous creams, perfectly.

Airopack’s pressure control device provides a smooth, uninterrupted flow and an end to stop, start, stop, splutters.

Choose from ‘off the shelf’ sizes in volumes of 35ml - 200ml, ideal for all products from skin creams to air fresheners. Alternatively, create your own bespoke brand look and feel.

Formulation & Filling
As well as a broad range of standard formulations, we will happily work with you to create custom formulations and solutions. We’ve helped some of the world’s leading brands present their products in the perfect way.

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