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more beautiful?

At Cosmopolitan magazine’s recent BeautyLab Awards, a product dispensed by Airopack was awarded the ‘Best Body Hydrator’ prize.

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Styling with conventionally packaged hair and beauty products can be
quite a challenge. Airopack dispenses sideways, backwards or upside
down. So hair stylists can now twist and turn their sprays to add shine,
texture and volume, instead of twisting or turning the client.

And because there’s nothing added to the dispenser apart from the spray,
cream or gel, there are no inhalation risks, headaches or side effect issues
for personnel either. Airopack’s PCD (pressure control device) guarantees
optimal dispensing regardless of how much or how little product is left or
the angle.

Airopack dispenses sideways, backwards and upside down.

Airopack planet

President Obama’s Historic Climate Change Speech

“It makes you realize,” that astronaut said all those years ago, “just what you have back there on Earth.”  And that image in the photograph, that bright blue ball rising over the moon’s surface, containing everything we hold dear — the laughter of children, a quiet sunset, all the hopes and dreams of posterity  — that’s what’s at stake.  That’s what we’re fighting for.  And if we remember that, I’m absolutely sure we’ll succeed.

Climate Change Explained

This is a simple explanation of Climate Change: the heat from human emissions is roughly equal to exploding 400,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs every day.

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