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'Nothing to hide' translucent packaging is ideal for branding

You’re now as likely to see sprays, atomizers and spritzers in the kitchen cupboard as you are in the bathroom cabinet. They’re an ideal way of controlling the exact amount of oil that’s required when cooking. Or for carefully adding the ‘just right’ quantities of vinaigrettes to salads without ‘drowning’ the food in dressing. 

Airopack’s a perfect delivery system for a wide variety of foodstuffs in this health conscious age. As consumers cut back on excess fats, sugars and artificial ingredients, surely chemical propellants should be at the top of the list ? Oils, dressings, creams, mousses, foams and even churro dough are all products dispensed by aerosol.

You can also create a highly distinctive and decorative shelf presence even engendering greater trust in your brand, thanks to the possibility of utilising a ‘nothing to hide’ transparent and translucent package. And there’s the practical benefit that consumers can instantly see how much / how little dressing or oil there is left and utilise every last drop thanks to 360º dispensing.

Only the pure ingredients - nothing else.

Airopack planet

President Obama’s Historic Climate Change Speech

“It makes you realize,” that astronaut said all those years ago, “just what you have back there on Earth.”  And that image in the photograph, that bright blue ball rising over the moon’s surface, containing everything we hold dear — the laughter of children, a quiet sunset, all the hopes and dreams of posterity  — that’s what’s at stake.  That’s what we’re fighting for.  And if we remember that, I’m absolutely sure we’ll succeed.

Climate Change Explained

This is a simple explanation of Climate Change: the heat from human emissions is roughly equal to exploding 400,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs every day.

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