The worlds first air-pressurized dispenser made of recycled PET

Discover the first sustainable solution to replace aerosol.

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Powered by air
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Available in PET or rPet
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The bottle that is 6x smarter than any other aerosol.

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Sustainable by design

Powered by clean air, our bottle dispenses your product without harmful chemicals that pollute the planet and can be made of recycled PET.

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Continuous performance

From the first press to the last spray, our sealing technology allows for continuous flow of your formula. Without random blips or loss of pressure, there’s no wasting your product, either.

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Full evacuation

Good to the last drop. With our piston moving all the way up to the top of the bottle, none of your product ever goes to waste.

Airopack BottleAiropack BottleAiropack Bottle
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Healthy and safe

Using pure air instead of toxic propellants and chemicals, Airopack dispensers are safe and clean for your customer’s personal use and home.

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360-degree spray

Airopack is designed to be used at any angle so your customers can get the most out of your product.

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Fully transparent

Show your customer exactly what they purchased — your product and nothing more. Plus, the clear bottle allows them to see when it’s time to buy a new one.

Airopack is a perfect fit for a range of markets.

Perfectly suitable for a wide range of diverse formulas, Airopack dispenses your products exactly how you intended them to be used.

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Post Foaming

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Shaving and shower gels
Specialty applications

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Wet Sprays

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Room sprays
Clothing care products

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High Viscose

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Industrial greases
Body care products

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Made with 100% recycled PET
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Powered by clean air, not VOCs
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Fully recyclable
Different Airopack bottle options
Take a look into the future

The fully recyclable Airopack Ultimo

Development is already underway for our next-gen Airopack delivery system. Not only made of 100% recycled PET and powered by clean air, every piece of the Ultimo can also be recycled.