Airopack Is A Full-Solution Partner For US brands

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February 9, 2023

This year Airopack is attending LUXE PACK Los Angeles 2023 with renewed excitement. With a network of Certified Fillers and Formulation Labs, as well as emerging manufacturing partners, Airopack continues to be a full-solution partner for some of the leading & emerging brands that operate out of the United States and North America. 

Airopack Is A Full-Solution Partner For US brands

Using its European headquarters, manufacturing and business base, Airopack sees tremendous growth potential for the USA/North American markets, along with our coming expansion in Asia.

Now, we’re inviting you to come visit our booth on February 16 and 17 (Booth B19), speak with our experts and not only learn more about our patented dispensing solution and how Airopack’s network can be a full solution partner to your growing brand and products. 

✓ We have the packaging

Founded in 2010, Airopack designed and patented its innovative, VOC-free, air-pressurized dispensing system and changed how the world sees aerosol. But as a company with innovation at its core, our commitment to more sustainable and environmentally friendly next-gen packaging is unending.

So in 2021, Airopack launched the world’s first air-powered dispenser made of recycled PET (rPET). And next year, Airopack plans to launch the Ultimo, a mono-polymer and fully recyclable dispenser that is also propellant-free. Additionally, the Airopack Ultimo will also be available in a 100% recycled rPET version.

However, when you come to speak to us at LUXE PACK LA, you’ll not only learn about our air-powered, planet-friendly technology, but get to try it out and experience all of the other Airopack benefits that deliver a world-class product experience to your consumer. 

  • Powered by 100% clean, air. Propellant-free.
  • 100% PCR rPET available (base RTF container)
  • Continuous, 360-degree performance
  • Full product evacuation so customers can use all of your product
  • Clear PET that shows your product and promotes re-order
  • No rust, ever!
  • Safe, low-pressure system (DOT-approved)
  • Low Force To Actuate (FTA) that makes it easy to use

✓ We have the US filler network

In order to fill Airopack, specific Airofiller equipment is required. That’s why we work with a specialized group of Airopack Certified Fillers right here in the US that are ready to support your filling and manufacturing needs. Whether you need a full turnkey solution or a la carte filling and finishing support, Airopack and its Certified Fillers will work to bring your Airopack project to launch.

  • Detrapel: Framingham, MA
  • Contract filler who can provide a full turnkey Airopack solution
  • Have their own line of branded Detrapel products
  • Personal care, home care and related products.

  • Penta 5/Redi-2-Paq, Sarasota, FL
  • Contract filler who can provide a full turnkey Airopack solution
  • FDA-compliant and can handle food applications as well as personal care, home care and related products.

We can even support your current manufacturing with Airofiller equipment of your own, wherever and whenever you need us. This spring, we will announce our newest North American Airopack manufacturing partner, and we’re excited to discuss other manufacturing opportunities on the continent, too.

✓ We can help with formulation and reformulation

To be a truly full solution partner here in the United States, it is also important for Airopack to build partnerships with contract manufacturers that can help our clients create their own, bespoke formula or reformulate their products to work best with our innovative, air-powered dispensing solution. We are constantly expanding our network of contract manufacturers in North America.

  • Charles Green Labs (CG-Labs), Newark, NJ
  • Contract formulator/manufacturer of cosmetic and personal care products
  • Create, formulate and batch products
  • A variety of in-house formulas or can create/build for you.  
  • Can provide full turnkey Airopack solution. 

Come to our booth and try US Airopack products for yourself

Airopack works with products from liquids (spray), to more viscous product formulas.  Our “Powered By Air!” dispensing solution is meant as a safer, propellant-free alternative to conventional aerosol and manual dispensing packages.  Airopack is not always a solution to products requiring high-pressure dispensing (for example, spray formulas with fixatives or high solids contents may require higher pressure, etc.).   

Airopack has teamed up with our partners, CG-Labs, Detrapel and Penta 5/Redi-2-Paq, to create some working product samples which clearly demonstrate the benefits of our air-powered solution. It’s a great way to get familiar with what we create right here in the USA — so come by booth B19 to get yours!

  • Unisex "Cushion" Facial Cleanser
  • Refreshing daily facial cleanser that is made for everyone
  • Formulated by CG-Labs
  • Packaged in Airopack

  • Unisex "MISTical" Hydrating Body Spray
  • An all-over body spray for right out of the shower, bath or bed. 
  • Formulated for men and women by CG-Labs
  • Packaged in Airopack

  • Redi-2-Pag "No Bite/No Burn" sunscreen/insect repellant
  • All natural, 30 SPF sunscreen with non-DEET insect repellant formula
  • Great 2-in-1 formula solution 
  • Filled by R2P 
  • Packaged in Airopack

By the way: we can do way more than body care products

While Airopack’s clean, VOC-free, air-powered dispenser is perfect for beauty and skincare, there are a ton of other opportunities to explore with Airopack’s packaging. From room sprays and clothing care products to food, acrylics, and industrial greases, Airopack is suitable for a wide range of diverse formulas and dispenses your products exactly how you intended them to be used.

Today, we make a wide range of luxury products for your home, laundry, car, boat, furniture and more. At our LUXE PACK LA booth, you’ll see brands like Detrapel and DFNS. But we’ve also worked with US-based brands like Dermalogica and Topicals.

So stop by our booth February 16-17 at LUXE PACK LA to grab some samples and talk to our experts about how Airopack can propel your future. Be sure to ask us about our new US manufacturing opportunities, too.