Boldking Leads The Pack With Sustainable, Air-Powered Packaging

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January 5, 2023

For the first installment of our Client Showcase series, we’re speaking to Derk Hoving, Head of Operations at Boldking, the Dutch razor brand shaking up the direct-to-consumer market. And now, taking on the retail giants, too. 

Boldking Leads The Pack With Sustainable, Air-Powered Packaging

A group of bold people from Amsterdam who dare to care, Boldking believes the bathroom is the best place to start taking better care of yourself. Selling their own line of affordable shaving and skincare essentials, Boldking is on a mission to make morning routines easier and more satisfying, all without harming you or the planet. 

Boldking and Airopack

“Airopack is a big part of our mission to be as sustainable as possible,” Hoving explained. “We want to reduce our footprint and be as green as possible, so we set up a recycling program for customers to return and recycle their blades. Then when we wanted to create shower foams, we learned all about how the gas in the containers contributes to Co2 levels and pollution. That just wasn’t a concession we were willing to make, and Airopack’s air-powered dispenser was just the solution we were looking for. Plus, the Airopack containers are made out of PET, which is recyclable.”

Working with Airopack for packaging and our partner company Airosolutions for formulations and filling, we helped Boldking create two lines of products: their foaming shave gel and their shower foam. Both formulated and filled by our team of experts Airosolutions, Hoving said that we worked closely with their team to create products that were complimentary to the Boldking brand.

Boldking foaming shower gel in Airopack packaging

“The first product you really need as a good shaving brand is a good shaving gel,” Hoving admitted. “And that’s what the Airopack and Airosolutions team provided us with. We’re even working with the team now to launch a new ‘sensitive’ line that will be formulated perfectly for our customers who need a little extra care.”

But, where Boldking has been able to really differentiate itself is by creating products that have the same top quality as big brands for a better price. And on top of that, they’re doing it sustainably. “The thing about Airopack was that we were able to choose a solution that is greener, but doesn’t sacrifice quality or experience whatsoever,” Hoving told us. “There’s no loss of pressure so there’s always a stream of product, and Airopack has full evacuation so our customers can get every last drop."

One of the biggest selling points was also that Boldking could get ahead of impending EU laws. “We knew that there would be new rules coming to the EU as of 2025, and we wanted to get ahead of them. By being early adopters to those rules, we’re already prepared. I think we’re going to see the the rest of the industry follow soon, too.”

With keen foresight and huge success marketing their products direct to consumer for the past decade, Boldking is now also introducing their products to other retailers for the first time ever in a bid to evolve. “We’re actually the second-best selling in Etos right now,” Hoving told us. “We’re really discovering that this is a good thing for our business, and allowing us to reach customers in another positive way, from brick and mortar shops to marketplaces like and Amazon. We’re really looking forward to this next phase and accelerating our growth.”

Derk Hoving Boldking speaks to Airopack

Big thanks to Derk Hoving for taking the time to speak with us. Be sure to connect with him on LinkedIn, and don’t forget to follow Boldking to stay up to date on all their latest news and drops!