How Airopack Helps Fillers Position Themselves Stronger To Clients

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September 18, 2023

Airopack is one of those unique bottles that allows fillers to position themselves to clients in a stronger way. A future-focused company with a sustainable product, Airopack dispensers not only work exceedingly well, but offer incentivizing features and work with a wide range of diverse formulas. Let us show you how Airopack is good for business.

How Airopack Helps Fillers Position Themselves Stronger To Clients

1. Airopack is sustainable

  • Powered by 100% pure, clean air
  • World's 1st air-pressurized dispenser made of recycled PET
  • Next year: recycled PET that can also be recycled 

Today, just about every kind of dispenser has at least one element of sustainability. With sustainability laws (and goals) in place and a consumer base that is becoming increasingly conscious, being eco-friendly is a necessity rather than a nicety. But Airopack goes further than any gimmick or sustainable afterthought. Airopack is built around sustainability with it’s key feature, air power. Using only clear, pure air, Airopack bottles dispense products without harmful chemicals that pollute the planet.

“At its core, Airopack is sustainable. But we wanted to take that further, also offering clients the world's first air-pressurized dispenser made of recycled PET,” Eelke Holtrop, our Global Sales Director, explained. “And next year, we will reveal our fully recyclable Airopack Ultimo that’s not only made of recycled PET, but can also be recycled."

2. Airopack is future-focused

With an inherently green solution and continuous green improvements, selling Airopack means selling your clients on a sustainable future — one we’re always working towards and excited to take clients with us. Just look at the example of the EU, where by 2025, all PET beverage bottles must have a minimum of 25% recycled content. With Airopack, clients can not only meet that goal, but exceed it.

“In the future, we’re going to start seeing regulations move towards eliminating propellants, too,” Holtrop went on to say. “So while we’ll always be working on sustainability solutions like our recycled and recyclable Airopack Ultimo, what really sets Airopack apart is that with our patented technology, we never have, and never will, use any sort of propellants. Just pure, clean air.”

3. Airopack has incentivizing features

Airopack is an easy sell because it works. Not only can you offer clients a sustainable solution, but a solution that has a slew of features that don’t just work, but can be an advantage or USP compared to the competition.

Continuous performance
: From the first press to the last spray, our continuous pressure allows for a continuous flow of formula. Without random blips or loss of pressure, there’s no wasting the product, either.

Full evacuation: With our piston moving all the way up to the top of the bottle, no product ever goes to waste. Not only is this less wasteful, but allows consumers to get the most out of the product. It’s truly good to the last drop.

360-degree spray: Airopack is designed to be used at any angle so consumers can get the most out of the product. This is a major advantage to a range of industries that need their product to work swiftly, easily and intuitively, from clothing care and body products and industrial sprays.

Fully transparent: Airopack shows the consumer exactly what they purchased — your product and nothing more. Plus, the clear bottle allows them to see when it’s time to buy a new one.

4. Airopack supports wide range of diverse formulas

Suitable for a wide range of diverse formulas, Airopack appeals to many industries, giving you the opportunity to pitch clients and work with industries you may not have considered before.“Perfect for everything from cosmetics and food products that require no use of chemical additives to cleaning and car sprays that need continuous spray, Airopack is an awesome option for a wide range of products,” Holtrop explained. What’s more, Airopack is the perfect dispenser for highly viscous products, such as pastes and greases, which can allow you to get into technical products.

  • Post Foaming: shaving and shower gels, cosmetics, specialty applications
  • Wet Sprays: room sprays, clothing care products, food
  • High Viscose: acrylics, industrial greases, body care products

Curious to see what all the buzz is about? 

Get in touch with our team today for free samples so you can try Airopack. Our experts are excited to speak with you about our features and show you all of Airopack’s advantages first-hand.