Nanex Backs Green Chemistry With Air-Powered Packaging

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April 3, 2023

For the second installment of our Client Showcase series, we’re speaking to Aäron Claeys, the Founder and Head of R&D at Nanex, the green chemistry company that’s creating a greener and cleaner way to care and protect your clothing, shoes & accessories.

Nanex Backs Green Chemistry With Air-Powered Packaging

Striving to go deeper and combine advanced chemistry with discoveries in the field of biotechnology, Nanex creates products that can benefit and improve our everyday lives and environment. Protecting fashion against water and stains, Nanex’s technology reduces cleaning time and frequency. So not only is the chemistry itself green, but it allows consumers to be more sustainable. With less washing of clothes, we can save water. And with a better way to care for clothes, shoes and accessories, we can prolong their lifecycle and reduce waste.

“Our work is always aimed at finding the most ecological way to attain the best results possible in our product properties,” Claeys told us. “And with Airopack, we could strengthen our entire concept.” 

Our solution with Nanex was two part —  Nanex produced all their own, expertly formulated chemistry, and our partner in Belgium, Aerosolutions, where Nanex is also headquartered, filled the bottles. Airopack produced the bottles next door in the Netherlands. 

When asked how he discovered Airopack, Claeys told us that traditional metal cans with gasses were a no-go for Nanex, and that he had a lot of trouble actually finding the kind of bottle he was looking for.

“We were really looking for an alternative, sustainable solution, but it also had to work really well. The shoe care industry, for example, is so well established, and there are real standard levels for usage,” Claeys admitted. “With Airopack, we were able to produce a product that worked exceptionally well with a continuous, 360-degree fine spray, full evacuation and ease of use. Plus, it upheld our brand values with no VOC’s — just clean air.”

For Airopack, this is the ideal kind of partnership, too. “We’re always on the lookout for brands who are excited to do things differently and believe in us and our product so deeply,” Airopack Global Sales Director, Eelke Holtrop explained. “Nanex is the kind of brand that we know we can grow with. This is just the beginning for them.”

As for the future, Claeys hinted at some exciting partnerships. “What sets Nanex apart is not only our green chemistry, but our fine mist spray, thanks to Airopack. Together, these care for luxury and high-end products very well. So, there’s a huge realm of possibilities when it comes to collaborating with quality brands that champion our technology and share our sustainability values.” 

A company with a truly sustainable solution from start to finish, Nanex is paving the way forward for so many companies in our industry. “For us, it was about sticking to what we believed in through every phase of our development, and the right, sustainable packaging was a major part of that. We’re really proud that Nanex is green from formulation to its last spray.”

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